We’re located beside the Sherwood Inn restaurant and are part of the Sherwood family

In fact, ‘Eeffie’s’ is the baby of our family, named after owner Michael’s youngest grandson, Ethan. When he was a baby, his two year old brother couldn’t pronounce the name ‘Ethan’ so started calling him ‘Eeffie’ instead. Baby Eeffie loved his new name and soon everyone took to calling him it! So when Michael and his daughter Donna were devising a name for their new ice cream parlour, they thought why not ‘Eeffie’s’?

As a family run restaurant that’s been in business for nearly 40 years we’ve been committed to bringing you high quality bistro food at reasonable prices and with Eeffie’s, we’re extending that same philosophy.

Eeffie’s is a place where you can bring the kids for an affordable treat for after a nice family dinner or grab a milkshake with friends.


We’ve got delicious range of sundaes and flavoured cones at very keen prices so come down and give us a try next time you’re close by!


Sundaes from €3.25

Shakes from €3.25

Whipped Kids cone only €1

Smoothies from €2.75

Scooped Ice cream from €2.10

Slushies only €2